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This page features the following reports:

  • Freedom House (2010) – THE IMPACT OF Blasphemy Laws on Human Rights
  • Amnesty International (2014) – Blasphemy Law in Indonesia

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Freedom House (2010)freedom_house_logo

Policing Belief – THE IMPACT OF Blasphemy Laws on Human Rights


  • The severity and range of abuses that can result from the application of domestic blasphemy laws should raise serious doubts about the prospect of a similar law at the international level.
  • Such a law would legitimize its flawed national counterparts while working against the communal harmony they are supposedly designed to protect.
  • Worse still, it would insert into the international human rights framework a concept that essentially turns human rights upside down, restricting the speech and actions of men and women for the sake of disembodied ideas as such, and replacing equality and the rule of law with deference to religious orthodoxy and subjective feelings of outrage.
  • An internal contradiction of this magnitude would cripple international human rights law as a whole and leave little recourse to victims of persecution around the world.

Amnesty International (2014)Amnesty-International_logo

Read Amnesty Internationals 2014 Report on Blasphemy Law in Indonesia